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In Jan 2014, I purchased a £10 voucher at their stall in Edgware and was assured by an guy with african accent they operate in Edgware and I can take the photo any time. But in March when I called for appointment, a very rude women told me they closed that branch and I had to go to their other branch which was too far for me. They refused to refund even though they closed the branch. In April they set up stall again in Edgware selling vouchers so I thought they may not be crooks. But when I called them in May to use the voucher, an woman with Indian accent told me they closed the Edgware branch again! She was very rude without any customer service manner. It is a shame this country allowed these sort of people in to demoralise our society and ruin values. People should avoid these crooks at all cost. I learnt never to trust certain people thanks to their own immoral, evil mind and deed.

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