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Very impressed with the staff here. During my morning rush i filled petrol and didnt realise i had no money or cards in my wallet.. i was utterly embarassed and didnt jnow what to do. When informed the staff the lady told me not to worry...but to just fill a form and make payment later..i was happy didnt know they had that option.I filled the form with all the relevant details....and came back in 10 mins and made payment. They tore up the forms gave me paymt receipt and i left.
8 hrs later i realised i should get hold of the torn up forms as it was not destroyed properly and if got in wrong hands i could be a victim of id theft and fraud. So i called the petrol station and spoke to a staff Anand told him my predicament to which he calmly replied the bin is full but i will look for it. I even offered to look through their bin as i understand they are a very busy outlet. But he assured me he will look for it....when i went there after an my amazement Anand the employee had kept my discarded forms and photocopy of DL ready for me to collect.......very impressed ..thank you to all the staff that helped me that day.   28-09-17