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very disappointed to have been hoodwinked by this organisation with very misleading sales pitch resulting in NOT receiving what I was led to believe I had purchased and instead being asked to pay DOUBLE in order to receive what I was expecting.

Summary of what I paid
£15 for photoshoot and 1 large print
£199.95 for 4 additional images in medium, small and keyring sizes plus digital images

After receiving a set of doctored version of the image files by email which are basically unusable instead of the original files I was expecting I contacted these scammers by email only to be told that it was stated on the small print of the documentation that the digital images offer are reduced file size not suitable for printing. This was NOT what I was sold by the salesman who deliberately omitted this aspect when outlining the offer purposely allowing me to believe that I would be receiving the actual digital files in a usable format and not a set of stupid low resolution versions.

I was however invited to buy the original digital files that I had already been led to believe that I had purchased in the £199.95 bundle for the bargain price of another £199.95 - an offer I declined.

I recommend either avoiding this outfit entirely or being very diligent in establishing exactly what you are being offered for your money.

Nasty Nasty Nasty Nasty   19-08-19