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Me, my husband and two little children came in for a photo shoot today, Sunday 09/02/2014.

We had purchased a £10 voucher in Uxbridge in December 2013. We phoned and made an appointment to come in on Saturday 8th February 2014 at 11am. However, I was unexpectedly made to work that day so we phoned your studio and asked to have the appointment changed to Sunday 9th February, at 10.15am. This was confirmed.
Today, on the day of the shoot, we were running late especially with two little kids and having to travel over 20 miles. So, I phoned at 10:10am and spoke to who was at the time, a helpful lady, who gave me another number for the studio 07983394500. I then rang this number and there was no answer. I thought, you must be busy with other clients.

We arrived at the studio to be told to come back the following Sunday. This was not an option for us, when I questioned why, we were told there wasn't the right photographer in store.

I then and now still ask, why was I not told when I phoned at 10:10am? I could have turned around and gone home at that time. Instead of having to find parking and walk all the way to your store.

I was then greeted by the OWNER of the store who was the rudest woman I had ever met. She was fair skinned, overweight with curly hair. She actually told me and my family to FUCK off. People like that should NOT be allowed to work in this country. She obviously has not heard of customer service.

I am in the process of consulting my lawyer for a lawsuit.

I want to give ZERO stars, because they do not even qualify for one star
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