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I came across this promotional offer from European portrait studios at Dalston Shopping Centre. The offer was that we get 16x20 portrait for £15.We have to pay £10 upfront and get appoinment booked. I did the same and got the appointment booked.
At Studio we have to pay another £5 which is mentioned in the receipt provided by them. For portraits they provide some different clothes used in portrait photography.
To my surprise they took more poses and said they will print all for us. We can look at the printed pictures but we were not forced to buy. I noticed the operation is a bit unorganized but looking at the rush for this promotion, i would give it good rating if not excellent.
When i seen those pictures at the time of collection, all of the poses were nice. but i wanted just the free picture. (Did not want to spend much). I am happy overall with the service and especially the picture quality. I wish i could have spent some more money and got another poses. I will visit again and recommend to my friends.
Tags: Excellent picture, Good service