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Hello Director and studio manager at European Portrait Studio,

I believe you received my numerous emails and calls. As you choose not to answer me, so I am making this complaint publicly.
In fact, I am not the 1st victim. If you do a google search, you can easily find lots of others.

I am also publishing my complaints on SWPP and BPPA and all major photograph website, in order to get as many people as possible to know your Cheeky Cheats (I reuse the "Cheeky Cheats" from a review of your other clients).

In order to get the contract, your staff made me an exaggerated promise before I payed the deposit. Just to make sure, I asked your staff to write what she has said to the contract. So did she, and it was as well signed by her. I still keep a proof.

On the day of collection, your staff cheated and pushed me again to buy the photos. Your staff told me if I pay 100 pounds I can have all the high definition digital photos. I could have all the photos shown to me this day (the colour ones and the black ones). On all the formats. And I paid 100 pounds straight away.

Of course, now that I paid, you denied that.... You showed me some hidden terms and conditions which I do not remember having seen anywhere. Neither signed.

On each paper/contract/receipt there is a different version, and also between each member of your staff there is different version, so it's very confusing for the clients. You just want to make sure the client pay.

I paid 100 pounds cash for some useless low resolution digital photos and I would like to have an invoice for what I have paid. You said you can't give this. In your SMS you said to all customs that you only receive the cash. In the mean time you don't provide any invoice. Is that for hiding tax purpose? Is that legal? I will check with HMRC.

All I want to say, as the previous customers, keep away from this photo studio! Shabby premises and rudest staff!

I have a lot to proof, and I am prepared to take all legal actions to find justice and avoid other people to get scammed.    18-02-15